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The Calm Life of The Giant Lizards

The Calm Life of The Giant Lizards

Do you like lizard? No? How about giant lizard?

OK, I don’t want to have lizard in my house, but what if I’m wandering around their nests?

Will they hunt me down with a giant broomstick?

Life is unfair for some animals.


I took these photos in calm and cozy islands in the West Java, home of some giant lizards. But don’t worry, they won’t bite nor ruin your holiday. Based on my observations, the thing they really love was taking a nap in a peaceful beach in the afternoon.


Frequently, they bring their family with them. In my wild imagination : the father crawls in the tree, the mother rest in the sand, the kids play on the rocks, the lazy grandfather sleeps around the big tree. Adorable, aren’t they?

Do you know that lizard is also a great swimmer? They love to catch fish! Take good look…

Some of them weren’t lucky enough to comeback to the shore safely. They met predators or drowned for unknown reason. It was a tragic end.


Please, don’t distract their peacefulness if one day you meet them. And they won’t distract yours.

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