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When I think of my childhood, I always think of cartoons, animation, and comics. Painted memories of so many likable characters. One of my favorites is Asterix a character from French’s comics created by Reene Gosciny and Albert Uderzo. Par toutatis!

They lived around 50 BC, in a fictional village of old Gaul. A mysterious small village that even Julius Caesar and his mighty legendary troops couldn’t conquered. The secret was a magic potion created by the druid. One my drink it and became unbeatable for a short period of time. Asterix and friends became the Roman’s worst nightmare!

AsterixObelixThe stories of Asterix and his friends always made my days. Have reread it a dozen times and I still laugh.  The Indonesian translation for this “intraduisable” masterpiece  was also very good.  Our translator, Raharti Bambang, had successfully made Asterix’s characters names hilarious in Bahasa Indonesia.


For examples :  “Nashi Bungkhus”, “Akal Busyukus”, “Terasi Tengikus”, “Masteria Yopilatula”, “Tulibudeggus”, “Kemayus”, tukang jamu “Jayasupranix”, Setan Dugal (Seminar Tahunan Dukun Galia),  etc. Even their daily songs sounded familiar to our Indonesian ears, such as “Hujan ringtik-ringtik, hujan ringtik-ringtik”,  “Marilah mencuci, ye ye ye ye … Nyuci sambil nyanyi, ye ye ye ye …”


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The comics had been made into films, and animation, both were of course popular. The movies starred famous European actors and actress, such as Christian Clavier, Gérard Depardieu, Roberto Benigni, Monica Belucci, etc. My favorite Asterix films are “Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” and “Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia” .

Many years after, my friends and I had the great pleasure of visiting an amusement park  based on  the stories of Asterix, named Parc Asterix.  Situated in Plailly, Oise, France.

The main rides at Asterix parc are spectacular jet coasters. Sadly, they are not suited for small kids, but teenagers are welcomed. One of the jet coaster is named after the character from “Asterix and The Normand”, Goudrix.

Panoramix Theatre introduced us to  Roman’s soldiers performance. We never thought they could be THAT funny.

Finally, we met Asterix, Obelix, Falbala,  and the other Gaulois! It was a real paradise for Asterix’s fans.  Highly recommended for visit.

Are you a true Asterix’s fan?


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