Kampoeng Sampireun

The Kampoeng Sampireun resort is situated at West Java. A place to spend weekends with your family/couple.

We spent 2 days here and it was awesome. If you want to have a tranquil Sundanese culture holiday with a “back to nature” concept, this one IS a good choice.

The place was built in the 1999. The words “sampireun” means “welcome” in sundanese. We are more than welcomed there. The service was very good.

In the morning, you can use the canoe, enjoying the scenery or take a walk around the small village surrounded by friendly villagers. If you get lazy just sit and relax , it’s a beautiful views and you may be greet by a lot of fishes! What fishes? Now, this is the most interesting one.


Fishes are everywhere, you can feed them.
Our favorite part is feeding the hungry fishes. A pack of dry pellet is available in each room. My oh my, aren’t they hungry? The fishes will welcome you with their mouth open! Just take a good shoot. But you can not fishing in the big lake. There were other place for anglers, sadly it’s not cheap.
Beautiful view at night
Can’t beat the night view of the lake! Honeymooners may be offered a package of romantic candle light dinner at floating bamboo raft! Isn’t that romantic?

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