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Indonesian National Armed Forces Day

Indonesian National Armed Forces Day

We celebrated 74th anniversary of Indonesian National Armed Forces Day on 5th October.  The ceremony was held at the Halim Perdanakusuma, an airport located in East Jakarta.

Unfortunately, I had not enough time to watch the entire show.  However, I was able to capture what I see, mostly human interest.

Car and motorcycle were not allowed to access the main road.  People had to walk to the location.

I saw some of the visitors wore army-themed clothes. They looked stylish and their face were so excited. You could easily spot parents with the kids who wore similar uniforms.


I found a common view in any special events in Indonesia : street hawkers. There were plenty of them outside the main area, including this old man in the picture. He calmly sat next to the giant tank. People from all ages climbed and stood on the tank to take one or two good selfie.

The area was totally crowded with people and it was quite a hot day. Visitors began to open their umbrellas. Trust me there would be a lot of umbrella out there that covered our view.

Soldiers were also everywhere, they mixed with the visitors.

I saw an interesting sight in front of the aircraft hangar. Neatly arranged army clothes and helmets were lined up on the floor.

The soldier seemed to count his “invisible team”.

How about aircraft and paratroopers? Yes, we had them, but the airshow started at 10 o’clock. I couldn’t make it. Fortunately, I snapped a view pictures of para motor troops on my way back. Para motor troops were soldiers equipped with a paraglider wing combined with an engine, which is attached to their back. I looked at the sky around me and they were everywhere.

I was quite satisfied with these few simple photos of mine.  A little is better than nothing, right?Hopefully, I have more time to capture the whole ceremony next time.

How was the celebration of National Armed Forces Day at your place?

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