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From Light to Dark

From Light to Dark

I haven’t written in this journal for such a long time. Guilty as charged! I was very busy, having a tight schedule, taking care of the family, writing in my other journal, starting healthy habits, etc.

One of the good habit I try to adopt is limiting my internet usage. But today I feel the urgency to write and share something. There are plenty of words that stick in my mind, spinning and wanting to break away.

Here we come…

As a natural light shooter, I like to take a picture with available light. My favorite times are the couple hours after sunrise and the couple hours before sunset. I photograph anything from from rural to urban atmosphere, animate to inanimate objects.

I live in Jakarta, the twelfth largest city in the world and one of the world’s most populous city. I rarely going to the city center because I just can’t stand the traffic chaos on the road.

I got my best shot outside the city during the weekend . I also photographed the rural atmosphere during my vacation. For example the picture of two young man bathing their houses was taken when I was in the island of Celebes. You will not find such a scene in the city!

These young girls were playing in the park located in the suburbs. I took their picture in a photography event, just a few days before Chinese New Year.

So as you can see, the city center is not my favorite spot for photography. I only visit the place when I really want to see important events, such as Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

However, a lot of things have happened last year.

I tried to do more low light photography!

And guess what, it has helped me a lot to see the beautiful side of Jakarta…at night. Yes. I’m in to cityscape photography. I have learned through a lot of trial and error with my small APS-C camera.

Women cityscapers (doc : AT Mulyadi)

I am not alone. There is a cityscape community in the town, consists of urban citizens and citizeness who love to hop from rooftop to rooftop.

Usually, we meet at a specific location inside the building, going up to the top floor, preparing our camera and tripod. The shoot start before the sun goes down and we keep continue until the night come.

Off course, I wouldn’t leave the spot after the sun has gone and missed the fun of night photography. Why should I skip the perfect time when there were a lot of vibrant and colorful subjects out there?

It wasn’t easy, sometimes the wind was so strong up there and the good tripod was no match for them, making the camera to shake. Unable me to get a crisps light on building.

Overall, I had a great time. I enjoyed the process and the moment. The result was not bad. Not bad at all.

And that was the story about me moving from natural to low light photography. I can’t do it too often, but I make sure to be present at the right place and the right time.

What kind of low light photography field do you enjoy the most?

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